It’s All About Science Festival 2020

Join Sanford Health on April 4 at the It’s All About Science Festival at its new location in the Elmen Center at Augustana University. This free community event is open to kids of all ages and abilities.

Your child will discover their inner genius at fun learning stations throughout the festival. Each vendor will have an interactive and engaging activity or experiment about science, technology, engineering or math. There will be four sections separated by grade level to ensure you can find appropriate STEM activities for your child.

We’ve tailored our activities to four age groups:

Pre-kindergarten: Activate your little one’s scientific curiosity at the interactive activities we offer just for Pre-K kids. Your child will have endless fun while developing a passion for learning.

Elementary: Engage in fun, interactive science activities targeted at your child’s age group. The festival will have stimulating activities and experiments that make learning exciting.

Middle school: Will your middle school student unlock a passion for a STEM career? Find fun and relevant activities that could shape their professional future. We’ll have exciting speakers and activities to stimulate their curiosity about different areas of science.

High School: For high school students, the It’s All About Science Festival is more than exciting and engaging STEM activities. This event is an opportunity to connect with innovative local companies looking for bright students to fill summer jobs and internships.

Stay tuned for more details about this event.

We’re looking to secure vendors for the festival. If interested, please call (605) 312-4378.

Interested in volunteering? Email us.


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