Exhibitor Resources


Showcase the science, technology, engineering, or math (STEM) associated with your industry, company, organization, profession, or product by participating in the Festival!



Please consider joining us as an exhibitor in the It’s All About Science Festival! Participating exhibits have the opportunity to reach an estimated 4,000 children and adults annually at this event. Anyone interested in showing their STEM-side are invited to participate. We would love to learn from you! It’s free to host an exhibit booth and intended to provide hands-on activities to engage our community. In order to keep the event new and fresh each year, we encourage returning participants to adjust activities regularly to enhance the experience for repeat attendees.  For support on creating an extraordinary exhibit booth, visit this resource developed for the USA Science and Engineering Festival.


If you are a K-12 classroom or community group, we invite you to present projects or STEM content in your own exhibit as part of the K-12 Exhibitor program.